PartyPoker to introduce new Spins Overdrive jackpot SNGs

PartyPoker to introduce new Spins Overdrive jackpot SNGs

“One game. Thousands of possibilities.”

PartyPoker will soon be introducing an update to the jackpot sit-‘n’-gos available on its global platform with the arrival of its new “Spins Overdrive” games. The format will replace Party’s popular “Spins” SNGs, which have been around for several years, and the new Overdrive format will also add several dynamic twists.

Like the original Spins SNGs, the new Spins Overdrive offerings will feature three-player SNG play with the payouts — at most payouts to the winner only — beginning at twice (2x) the buy-in. Those buy-ins will range from $0.25 all the way to $100, and the the top payout will be 240,000 times the buy-in.

One of the new innovations within Spins Overdrive will be the creation of dynamically incremented payouts. Prizes in most jackpot- or lottery-style SNGs across the industry tend to offer just a handful of different payout levels. In Spins Overdrive, however, thousands of payout levels between 2x and 240,000x will be available.

Spins Overdrive will introduce dynamically-allocated payouts, starting at $2.00 and incrementing by $0.01 — $2.01, $2.02, and so on — with the payout randomly generated for every new Overdrive SNG that runs. The payout jumps get larger as the prizes get higher; as Party describes it, “The payout pool increases exponentially.”

Very few Overdrive SNGs will end up running for exactly the 2x minimum payout. However, the large majority of payouts will still fall between 2x and 4x, and the average (mean) payout has to be a little bit under 3x, or Party would lose money in offering them.

And should one of the rarer, higher-payout SNGs come your way, you’ll receive extra chips to do battle for the larger prize.

“We’ve cranked up the competition, pushed our multipliers to the max and dialled up the prizes. Wave goodbye to the old-school look of SPINS and welcome new animations with a cool, futuristic car speeding towards your next multiplier!” writes PartyPoker. An exact launch date for the new Spins Overdrive hasn’t been announced, though. All Party will say on that is, “Coming soon.”

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Author: Philip Anderson