Wild Phoenix Rises Slot – The new gem by Mascot Gaming

Wild Phoenix Rises Slot - The new gem by Mascot Gaming

Mascot Gaming, famed for their cutting-edge game development prowess, has yet again raised the bar with their latest slot game – Wild Phoenix Rises. This offering is a rollercoaster ride packed with adrenaline and set against a mystifying backdrop, where the stakes rise in tandem with the fiery flight of the phoenix.

Dive into the Role of the Phoenix: Rise, Shine, Spin, and Soar to New Heights

With its meticulously crafted graphics, immersive soundtracks, and an enchanting atmosphere, Wild Phoenix Rises easily captures players’ attention and hearts. At the core of the game stands a vividly animated phoenix, lending an added layer of magic as it keeps a fiery watch over players’ winnings.


Risk & Buy: Reinventing a Classic for a Refreshing Gaming Experience

In Wild Phoenix Rises, Mascot Gaming takes their acclaimed Risk & Buy feature to an innovative new level. Players can now purchase Free Spins whenever they wish from a spectrum of predefined offers. But that’s not all – a unique, dynamic pricing model has been introduced, altering the price of Free Spins with each spin, adding a delightful twist to the gaming experience.


Embrace the Thrill: The Multi-Tiered Wheel of Fortune

Fond of high-stake gambles? The Risk game in Wild Phoenix Rises caters perfectly to your taste. This exciting feature is modeled after the Wheel of Fortune, granting players an opportunity to multiply their winnings from x2 up to x5. Take the plunge, risk your winnings, spin the wheel, and you may find yourself basking in a sea of riches!


Elevation Through Victory: The Free Spins Accumulation Scale

In this thrilling slot game, victories pave the way for even more victories! Each winning spin completes a section on the Free Spins Accumulation Scale. Consecutive wins of five or more activate a wave of Free Spins, complete with win multipliers reaching a staggering x10.


Immerse in the Legend of the Phoenix: Reap the Eternal Rewards


Wild Phoenix Rises keeps the suspense high and victories rolling with the Free Spins counter resetting after every win during the Free Spins round. This thrilling feature mimics the phoenix’s legendary cycle of rebirth, ensuring your gaming hopes and wins stay constantly ablaze.

Margarita Malysheva, Head of Marketing at Mascot Gaming, effuses excitement about their latest creation:

“Our new iteration of the legendary Risk & Buy feature will unquestionably captivate players. This slot game is pure, incandescent fire!”

So, are you ready to spread your wings and rise with the phoenix? The radiant fortunes of Wild Phoenix Rises are ready to reward the bravest. Surrender to the warmth, spin the reels, and skyrocket to uncharted gaming territories with Mascot Gaming’s most electrifying release yet!

Bear in mind to to fine-tune your gaming strategies with the revamped Risk & Buy feature, escalate your wins with the multi-tiered Wheel of Fortune, and ride the wave of victories with the Free Spins Accumulation Scale. The enchanting and mysterious realm of Wild Phoenix Rises stands prepared to set your gaming experience aflame!

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Author: Philip Anderson